Maarit Hellman 

I have been actively training obedience with six different dogs. It is very important for me that the dog is motivated and willing to work for me. Small details and nuances require a lot of attention in obedience, but still, in my approach most of the training sessions are simple and straightforward, based on clear criteria and common sense.

With clients we define goals together and then we work towards achieving the goals, whether the goals are high in the international competitions or in achieving results in the lower classes. However high the goals are, they must never take precedence over the dog's well-being.

In addition to my PhD studies and university studies in psychology and social psychology, I have completed a one-year training in dogs' behavior, well-being and training using positive methods.

I have participated in the Finnish Championships with my dogs since 2014 and, with one exception in 2015, we have finished in the top six. In addition, we have been part of the Finnish Team for several years. The most significant achievements in obedience are border collie Stjerne's gold medal in Finnish Championship in 2016, World Championship silver in 2017 and Finnish Championship gold in 2021 and World Championship gold with Unlimited Star Gwen in the same year.