Online courses

Online courses

Private obedience training (remote)

A private session is useful for you, if you need guidance for obedience problem or for example a competition performance that you would like to go through with a trainer and get instructions on how to proceed.

You can choose training subject yourself.

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Scent Discrimination  1 

Do you want your dog to work in an independent and confident mode in the scent discrimination exercise? You and your dog will learn a method which is based on dog's own insight. This creates motivation for the task and reinforces dog's self-confidence in the work. I introduced this method about ten years ago and have used it for my six dogs. Later many other dogs have learned the scent discrimination with this method.

The Scent Discrimination course starts teaching the exercise from first small elements and proceeds stepwise to idenfication of the correct stick. Dogs of all ages are welcome to attend the course. And also dogs who easily get too excited or even those who love to chew the stick into small pieces. Sometimes, if you don't find a way to overcome the challenges in scent discrimation, a new start from the scratch may help.

The course is implemented as a Facebook group. Course includes six steps, which are introduced using example videos. Participants can add their own course exercise videos to the Facebook group for trainer's comments. The language in this group will be English. 

You can join whenever you want. The learning material will be available for a five weeks.

If you are interested in the course, ask for more information.

Scent Discrimination 2

This course is for those who well manage all tasks introduced on the Scent Discrimination course 1. Dogs start working under minor distractions, and all elements of a complete exercise are put together.